Hospital parking

Adapt to the circulation and the reception of all the public

When it comes to dealing with the challenges of hospitals, we possess a solid understanding of the security and accessibility issues specific to healthcare car parking solutions. We offer innovative and optimised mobility and parking services to facilitate user parking. The parking experience must guarantee health professionals better control over their journey and their time.

Optimising flow management

The issue of traffic flow is particularly important for a hospital, which integrates a wide variety of people. Thanks to our technical management, we offer concrete solutions to guarantee that everything runs smoothly: protected circulation areas for ambulances; routes dedicated to the circulation of medical equipment; simplified and adapted user paths; ease of access to equipment (call buttons, lift controls and automatic pay stations) and management of hospital staff’s access and badges to ensure a smooth flow during recovery periods.

For greener parking and to free up spaces for patients, Indigo can offer solutions to encourage car-sharing , including services such as FAXI.

As part of its contract, Indigo can take charge of signage and site marking plans and offer disabled mobility services within the hospital.

Developing a specially adapted pricing plan

The financial analysis of each project and the management of parking rights make it possible to provide the most relevant and efficient economic response for each hospital.

The various pricing solutions put in place are designed specifically according to the needs and expectations of each type of user. We offer subscriptions especially for regular patients undergoing long-term treatments.

Guaranteeing an appropriate welcome and support

To mitigate the feeling of stress naturally associated with the hospital environment, the individualised reception and the information delivered by our employees plays a key role. We are committed to facilitating the accessibility of health centres as much as possible, using a bespoke support service. Employees are trained to welcome and inform visitors, who can easily find their way around thanks to clear and functional signage. We also put in place solutions dedicated to each type of user: frail patients are supported by trained teams reception areas that are suited for emergencies and maternity needs thanks todrop-off zones.