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  • Who are we?

    Our company

    Indigo Suisse SA (formerly Parking du Centre SA) is a company that was created in 2000 as part of the construction of the Parking du Centre in the Quartier du Flon in Lausanne. It is equally owned by Mobimo, one of the major players in the real estate sector in Switzerland, and Indigo, the world leader in parking and individual mobility.

  • Who are our shareholders?

    The Indigo group is the most complete and advanced parking network for individual mobility. We operate according to all contractual modes (works, roads, shared car parks) and we target all market segments.
    Our parking network, present in more than 600 cities and 10 countries, designs local expertise and services adapted to the needs of local authorities and businesses. We take great pride in creating clean, safe and welcoming spaces so that our customers can enjoy their parking with peace of mind. Indigo is a global player with a local presence. Our parks are connected to the city. To facilitate the user experience, we design, build, finance and operate customised and increasingly intelligent parking solutions. Mobile payment, pre-booking of parking spaces, guidance to optimise mobility times, all these are examples of services that promote a more integrated, fluid and easy customer experience.

    The Mobimo Group, headquartered in Küsnacht, ZH, is one of the leading real estate companies in Switzerland. It has been present in French-speaking Switzerland since 2009, following the merger with the LO Group, Mobimo Suisse Romande carries out development projects on prestigious sites, strategically well located, and manages its own real estate assets in the Lake Geneva region, mainly in the cities of Lausanne and Geneva. The heart of the city in particular bears its mark: owner of the Quartier du Flon, a 55,000 m2 platform, the company has upgraded this former industrial area as a freight station and warehouse, transforming it into a contemporary district combining tradition and urban spirit. Since 2008, Le Flon has been a unique economic, cultural and leisure centre in the heart of Lausanne.

  • What types of partnerships do you offer to your B2B partners?

    Indigo Suisse is dedicated to operating according to all contractual models: full ownership, concessions/surface rights, lease agreements, services and in all market segments: city centres, railway stations, hospitals, shopping centres, events, offices, etc.

  • How can I pay for my parking ticket?

    Go to the automatic cash registers located in the car park concerned, with your parking ticket for payment by credit card or cash. We also suggest that you pay for your parking ticket at the reception desk of the car park, with one of our agents, only by credit card.

  • What happens if my ticket is not accepted by a ticket payment machine or exit barrier?

    Your parking ticket may not be recognised by our toll system, this may be caused by several things, such as the ticket being kept near a mobile phone for too long. In the event that this happens to you, we invite you to go to the reception area of the car park in order to settle the ticket with our agent on site. You may be in an unmanned car park, managed through our National Remote Operations and Assistance Centre. In this case, you will find at each ticket machine, parking exit and entrance barriers, intercom systems, which will put you in direct contact with our centre, which will answer your complaints as soon as possible.