Be it for the simplest operations or the most complex transactions, we are able to provide financing for all types of projects, based on a strong and sound financial structure, driven by recurring cash flows.

Design, construction


Pionnier du modèle concessif depuis plus de 50 ans

Pioneer of the concession model for more than 50 years, we invest in infrastructure alongside local authorities or private investors by providing our advice and know-how in order to enhance urban heritage and serve the inhabitants.

Indigo has proven expertise and experience in design engineering and structure construction. We handle the complete follow-up of the project by adapting to the project’s contacts and constraints. We collaborate with architects, external companies, design offices and project managers to ensure complete follow-up of the worksites and operations.

We work on all types of parking structures, with a high level of respect for the sites, their environment and residents.

Our know-how extends to the construction of complex areas, particularly in certain older districts, where the preservation of sites requires the use of special techniques.

Whatever the project to create a car park, an in-depth study of the needs of each stakeholder is carried out in consultation with residents, shopkeepers, the liberal professions, administrations and all stakeholders. In addition, the integration of car parks into their sites is carefully studied in close collaboration with local authorities.



We guarantee standards of operational excellence by adapting to our partners’ local challenges. Safety, cleanliness, maintenance, etc. We use our experience and expertise to optimise our users’ experience in our car parks by offering quality services.

Tailor-made solutions for our customers

Operating in all market segments, we offer tailor-made operating solutions to our customers and work under all types of contractual models. As a global player with local roots, we meet their needs by offering human and technical resources tailored to the project-related challenges.

Pleasant car parks maintained daily

We attach great importance to the quality of car park cleaning. Cleanliness is ensured daily by Indigo agents or service providers selected on the basis of strict specifications. Our maintenance teams are specially trained to maintain and ensure the proper functioning of the equipment. Audits are regularly organised, in particular through “mystery shoppers”, in order to maintain a high standard of quality.

Customer Relationship Expert

Our service offer is part of a continuous improvement process. We deploy all contact channels, set up procedures adapted to each of them and establish long-term relationships with our customers. A customer service attentive to all requests (by phone, on social networks, on the web and by email) is in place. With our remote operation solution based in Lausanne, we offer a connected parking service, following the customer’s journey, including contact and assistance points.

Safety, an essential element in car parks

Because ensuring the safety of customers is essential, we ensure that their journey runs smoothly in our car parks thanks to pedestrian access checks, surveillance cameras and a remote operations system available 24 hours a day. Our operational teams are trained in risk prevention and management.