Parking and individual mobility solutions

Indigo Suisse is a 50/50 subsidiary of Mobimo, one of the major players in the real estate sector in Switzerland and Indigo, the world leader in parking and individual mobility. Our mission is to support Swiss local authorities or private actors in the implementation of personalised and innovative parking and individual mobility solutions.

Indigo and Mobimo Groups


The Indigo Group

  • +5'600 car parks
  • 750 cities
  • +2,3M parking
  • +3'000km of urban roads
  • 10 countries
  • +20'000 employees

We develop tailor-made solutions for all customer segments (cities, airports, hospitals, shopping centres, railway stations, leisure and event venues, universities, etc.).

From the construction of works under concession to the innovations of the smart city, we have been able to stay one step ahead to bring smart mobility to life, adapted to the challenges of tomorrow.

To meet the needs of everyone and the challenges of cities, we design innovative and complementary solutions to the car: shared bicycles, scooters and electric scooters…

Our car parks 3 car parks in the centre of the city of Lausanne and soon new ones

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