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The app for city parking

With Indigo Neo, save time and money by parking in our car parks. Enjoy a 100% contactless parking experience.

New car parks are regularly added. Check back frequently for the latest updates.

See our car parks

Our car parks 3 car parks in the centre of the city of Lausanne and soon new ones

The Indigo Group

  • +2'600 car parks
  • 500 cities
  • +1,4M parking
  • +2'250km of urban roads
  • 9 countries
  • +9'500 employees

The Indigo Group has built its history around mobility. Without parking, there can be no mobility, and without mobility, there can be no urban development!

We invest heavily in the development of new individual mobility and digitalisation services, which we then deploy in our car parks and on the roads, in France and abroad.

Our presence on several continents means that we can test the adaptability of our innovations and build on the experience gained in the field.