The culture of hospitality at the service of the hotel sector

Offer a customer service of excellence

The hotel parking service is often the one that creates the first impression and leaves the last picture. It is an inseparable link from its journey that contributes to the quality of the customer experience, a proven know-how for Indigo.

Our services are based on the culture of hospitality and technical know-how. Offered in the United States, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Brazil, they offer a guarantee of quality and performance. Our approach to parking management for the hospitality industry is always based on financial transparency and revenue management.

By your side to offer quality services to your customers

With its resources and expertise, Indigo offers services such as valet parking, baggage handlers and doormen or complementary to the staff in place.

Many prestigious hotels trust us to manage their parking lots, including the Chicago Hyatt Regency, the Chicago Sheraton Hotel, the New York Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Toronto four seasons hotel, or the Quebec Hilton Hotel.

The members of our teams who operate in the hotel car parks undergo specialized training that covers hotel activities, customer relations and security. They then participate in the field in a tutoring program before being empowered to work directly with the clientele. The quality of the service provided is looked at in detail and regularly submitted to customer satisfaction surveys on design criteria, cleanliness and courtesy.

When we manage certain services for your clients – bellboy, doorman, valet, Concierge or transportation services – our staff will be at their service, as does your own team. It is available and always ready to meet your requirements.

The solutions of Indigo allow among other things to ensure a caring presence 24/7.

Maximize the profitability of your investment

Our advisors help hotel operators maximize the use of space in their parking lots — sometimes restricted — to establish a fair pricing structure and install the necessary equipment to enhance safety and ensure surveillance.

We can also carry out shared parking programs and offer off-site parking.

Indigo valet parking is a value-added service for luxury residential hotels and buildings. It saves time and simplifies the access of clients or residents to the building.