Station parking

Provide rail users with personalized and innovative services

To make travel easier and more fluid, we offer personalised and innovative services that make journeys easier. We try to meet the requirements for welcoming and guiding passengers, by working on the premise of an unbroken journey.

We manage more than 130,000 parking spaces and nearly 200 station car parks around the world.

Analysing and optimising traffic flows

To provide the stations with suitable parking solutions, we analyse all the flows and needs of users: tourist flows during major holidays, commuting flows or relative flows related to high-speed lines, regional or local lines. This analysis carried out upstream leads to a relevant response in terms of accessibility (external access, access to high-speed train platforms) and fluidity (sizing of traffic lanes and ramps, drop-off zones).

Developing a bespoke pricing structure

Indigo adapts to the stations’ activity by planning and implementing attractive and specially adapted pricing structures for multiple uses – weekend fares, packages and subscriptions coupled with public transport services – to encourage inter-mobility.

Designing parking as a crossroads in the journey

In order to make life easier for users and highlight the attractiveness of nearby modes of transport, we have designed our car parks as mobility hubs. Fluidity and readability are emphasised throughout the customer journey: guidance on site, real-time availability of parking spaces shown on the app, booking system, systematic availability of train schedules. We are also in contact with the customer 24/7, thanks to our remote contact centre.

The services offered are also adapted to the specifics of station car parks: recognition of public transport tickets, information services in connection with the transport operator, dedicated parking areas for motorcycles, secure parking areas for bicycles. We also offer solutions to promote carpooling, for example, with the Faxi platform.

Finally, our remote contact centre allows 24/7 remote parking management to ensure continuous customer contact throughout their journey.