Universities and grandes écoles

Offer a fluid and secure route for the parking of student publics

We offer tailor-made solutions which allow universities and colleges to optimise the management of their parking. We ensure fluidity of movement and reinforce the safety of the car parks inside the enclosures of the establishments.

Offering a service adapted to suit each customer

Most schools need to manage short and long-term parking in a harmonious and intelligent way. We manage surface, underground and multi-level car parks near administrative offices, classrooms and student residences. We offer subscriptions tailored to the needs of different users (students, professors, administrative staff, the general public, etc.) while respecting the environment.

To best meet these needs, we offer online sales of subscriptions and reservation of parking spaces as well as locker rental. In this way, we simplify and expedite the processing of claims and payments, as well as reducing the risk of error and operating costs.

Making journeys flow better

We share our expertise with universities and colleges to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion around campuses.
Depending on the layout and type of the site, it is possible to connect the car parks and the most remote campus areas via a shuttle bus. In the same way, during large-scale events (matches, concerts, etc.) which generate a lot of parking traffic, we set up specially adapted schemes.

Reinforcing safety and security

By putting our highly qualified staff at your service and taking advantage of our mastery of advanced technologies, we help strengthen monitoring and surveillance in the car parks to improve security. On some sites, our operational teams not only ensure compliance with parking regulations, but also provide surveillance and assistance within the campus, acting as security guards.

Our Connecpark® products complement 24/7 customer support and an exclusive software suite specifically designed for parking administration. Thanks to License Plate Recognition (RPI), our mobile teams can control some 1,000 seats per hour. Learn more about Teleoperation and Connecpark