Parking and individual
mobility solutions

Indigo Suisse is a subsidiary of the Indigo Indigo Group, the world leader in parking and personal mobility. Our mission is to support Swiss local authorities and private players in the implementation of personalised and innovative parking and personal mobility solutions.

We develop bespoke solutions in all client segments (cities, airports, hospitals, shopping centres, train stations, leisure and event spaces, universities, etc.).
From the construction of off-street car park franchises to the innovations of the smart city, we have kept ahead of the trends to make intelligent mobility a reality which is adapted to the meet the challenges of the future. To meet each person’s needs and address the challenges of cities, we provide innovative solutions which complement the car: shared bicycles, electric scooters, etc.
The Indigo Group



Each city has different challenges and our real added value is being able to rely on our expertise in the world to respond to local issues. Our role is to participate in the development of each city and make the lives of inhabitants easier. To achieve this, it is essential to be attentive to be able to propose the best solutions.

Vision, mission

Transport infrastructure is becoming more expensive and having a greater impact on the environment.
Privately-owned cars are more environmentally friendly and are still the the most efficient mode of transport in many cities for daily journeys (except for short journeys in the city centre). Our mission is to offer the right balance between environmental footprint, ease of use and cost to citizens and cities.

Market segments and contractual models

Indigo Suisse is dedicated to operating according to all contractual models: concessions/surface rights, lease agreements, services and in all market segments: city centres, railway stations, hospitals, shopping centres, events, offices, etc.

Remote operation

Télé opération à distance

Present in our Remote Operation and Assistance Centre based in Lausanne, our team can at any time intervene and accompany users at the car park, thanks to an optimised remote operation system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our operators are connected to the main pieces of equipment in our car parks and to the various alarm systems. The responsive operators intervene in the event of a security alarm (fire, CO, etc.) or technical alarm (equipment malfunction, attempted break-in, etc.), customer calls at barriers or cash registers. Users are provided with a quality service thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, consisting of IP intercoms and connected cameras, strategically placed on site.

Each time a call is made from a talk point, the user is put in contact with the staff on site or with a remote operator. The latter assists the customer with all types of incidents: payment-related questions, loss of tickets, request for pedestrian access or, in the event of vehicle-related problems. The operator can also initiate interventions with INDIGO in-house services or other external services (emergency service, electricity, gas, “elevator”, etc.).