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"Parking du Centre" in Lausanne

  • Rue de Genève 31
    CH -1003 Lausanne
  • +41 21 329 06 16
  • Contact us
  • 910 spaces
  • 24/7

“Parking du Centre” offers short-term parking as well as monthly subscriptions. In addition to its parking spaces (910 underground spaces and 10 motorcycle spaces) under video surveillance, the car park offers many additional services: recharging of electric vehicles, mobility, automatic washing, PickPost service, loan of umbrellas.

Discover the Flon district


  • Bus: Line 18, Port-Franc stop
  • Train: Gare de Lausanne Chauderon
    Metro: M1 Vigie
    Metro: M2 Lausanne Flon
  • On foot: Rue de Genève


  • 1FR/15 mn Monday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm and Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 8pm to midnight
  • 1FR/20 mn from Monday to Wednesday from 8pm to midnight and Saturday, Sunday from midnight to 7am
  • 1FR/45mn Monday to Friday from midnight to 7am and Sunday

  • Maximum/day : 30FR

Available services

  • Associate your registration with your parking ticket
    Principle: Each presentation in front of an entry or exit terminal, the system identifies the registration of the vehicle and associates this registration with the parking title (time ticket or badge subscribers). This system offers a high level of comfort for users of car parks especially for subscribed users since the use of your badge becomes optional.
  • Recharge your vehicle easily, safely in the 5 locations dedicated to the parking of the center.
  • 9 Mobility spaces are available 24 hours a day at level -1 of the center car park.
  • Meet at the reception of the car park of the center 24 hours a day to make your PickPost withdrawals.
  • A waterless and ecological washing service (Ecostar) is available at level -1 of the car park.
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