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Number plate recognition

Linking your registration to your parking ticket
Principle: Every time you drive up to an entrance or exit barrier, the system identifies the vehicle’s registration and links the registration to the parking ticket (time ticket or subscriber badge). This system offers a high level of comfort for car park users.
The advantages of this system are numerous
For customers who subscribe
A smoother flow of travel into and out of the car park
The system compares the registration plate read with those entered in the database and controls the rights granted to the vehicle that drives up to the barrier. A no-hassle solution for getting into and out of car parks.
For hourly-rate customers
The insurance of payment at the right price in case of loss of the entrance ticket.
The combination of the ticket and the plate will secure the parking, for the benefit of both the customer and the operator: every time a vehicle leaves the car park, the system checks that the registration linked with the entry ticket is identical at the exit. In the event of a difference (attempted vehicle theft or attempted fraud with a more recent ticket), the system will generate an alarm and prevent exit.
Indigo complies with the legal recommendations in force both for the anonymisation of vehicle registrations and for the storage period of images and data.