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Parking at the station

  • Rue du Simplon 32
    CH -1006 Lausanne
  • + 41 21 617 67 44
  • Contact us
  • 500 spaces
  • 24/7

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  • Bus: Line 18, Port-Franc stop
  • Train: Gare de Lausanne Chauderon
    Metro: M1 Vigie
    Metro: M2 Lausanne Flon
  • On foot: Rue de Genève


  • 4,40FR/h

  • Maximum/day : 30FR


Available services

  • Linking your registration to your parking ticket
    Principle: Every time you drive up to an entrance or exit barrier, the system identifies the vehicle's registration and links the registration to the parking ticket (time ticket or subscriber badge). This system offers a high level of comfort for car park users.
  • 18 Mobility spaces are available 24 hours a day in the station car park.
  • A Hertz car rental service is available at the station car park. Go to the operations office of the car park located on level 0 to collect your key and rental contract.